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New Products Review; Photoflex® PX823 Constellation Large Silver Dome Kit

March 15, 2011

PX823 Constellation Large SilverDome Kit

The new Photoflex® PX823 Constellation Large SilverDome Kit is the perfect solution for lighting a video set. It provides up to 3000 Watts (Tungsten) or 900 Watts(Daylight) with three individual sockets with power control over each bulb. The included SilverDome has heat vents to keep operating temperatures low.

Kit includes:

  • Constellation 3 light head
  • Large SilverDome softbox(36″ X 48″)
  • 3 CoolStar 150 CFLs
  • 3 Starlite 1000W lamps
  • LiteStand 2320Y (12 feet)
  • Tilt Swivel
  • 2 power cords
  • TransPac Dual Kit Case

These head and lamps are included in this Kit.

PX007, PX002, PX278(from left)

PX007 Constellation Head

The Constellation® will accept 3 StarLite tungsten bulbs (1000W or 500W) or 3 150W CoolStar bulbs. Each bulb can be controlled individually allowing 3 power settings. The Constellation® is an incredibly efficient light source as the bulbs are housed inside the modifier.

PX002 – StarLite Bulb (1000 Watt)

The StarLite bulb which can be used with a StarLite or Constellation® head emits an omnidirectional light and is designed to work in softboxes.

PX278 – CoolStar Bulb (150 Watt)

The CoolStar bulb is a daylight balanced compact florescent solution with 150 Watts of power which equates to 450-500 Watts in a Tungsten bulb. The CoolStar although very bright, generates very little heat.
Still example with one CoolStar bulb: 5 Feet – 200 ISO, 1/30sec, 2.8

For more information, visit .

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