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National Geographic introduces New Collection “Africa”

September 22, 2010

National Geographic New Collection "Africa“

National Geographic’ s new Africa Collection of media bags is designed to suit the urban jungle by merging stylish, everyday personal bags with dedicated protective accommodation for media gear so that you never again need to leave anything at home.

“NG Africa collection of media bags started with a great story, the story of “Africa”.

This is what set the tone, the color and the ethnic mode of the collection. The overall look and the recurring theme of 4 interwoven pockets were inspired by the whicker baskets so popular on the African continent. This simple yet impact full structure is in itself an infinity knot which creates a continuous flow in which the bag has no clear boundaries.

The ethnic motive recurs yet again in the “African” styled lining that adds a twist of color and fun. You carry this wildness inside your bag but it can’t be seen by the whole world, the secret is yours…” says Alona Komsky, the designer of the collection.

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