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More on cleaning your own DSLR sensor

June 18, 2009

There have been a few questions about the VisibleDust cleaning techniques and not everyone has the ability to watch videos, so we thought we would post a quick step by step explanation.

This Dry Cleaning method is best for dust and dirt on your sensor, which is the most common blop in your pictures!


Remove the protective cap from your Arctic Butterfly.

Spin the brush to charge the bristles and remove any previous debris.

VD2After recharging bristles, insert brush width to width of sensor.

Rotate and gently rest bristles on far edge of sensor.


Lightly draw the bristles over the width of sensor.

Do not apply too much pressure.


Lift from sensor, rotate brush width to width of sensor and remove.

Spin the brush to remove any debris that has been collected. After this initial pass, you can go back and with a recharged brush go over the sensor one more time to be sure to collect all the dust.

Don’t forget to spin the brush away from your open camera body or all the dust you just removed will go back to your sensor.

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