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Darkroom isn’t dead!

June 16, 2009

Paterson darkroom equipment is proof that darkroom isn’t dead!


Paterson is best known for the high quality darkroom equipment it manufactures in the UK. Paterson aims to give photographic dealers and end users a first class service. The processing equipment that Paterson manufactures is present in schools, colleges and universities as well as home darkrooms of professionals and photo enthusiasts.

The range of darkroom equipment is supplemented by the range of ‘ACU’ black and white chemistry is designed to produce optimum quality from modern black and white film and paper, like your Ilford black and white materials!

Analog photographers unite with Paterson!

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  1. June 22, 2009 10:17 am

    It certainly isn’t dead.
    Although I use the latest greatest in digital for work and assignments, I still love to shoot film for my personal work.
    I know many pros who still like to shoot film at their leisure. The process is rewarding and it give the photographer time to reflect, think, and be precise with his or her shooting as opposed to simple snapping away which is what so many amateurs seem to be doing, trial and error, but we are probably all guilty of that. I know I am a lot more trigger happy with my DSLRs.

    The biggest plus to film is tangibility. Stepping away from the computer and manipulating negatives is rewarding and lets you take a step back and open your eyes to new visions.

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