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Innovative Tripod System for Kata’s popular 3in1 bags!

June 1, 2009

(KT 3N1-10, KT 3N1-20, KT 3N1-30)KTZZSTH3N1

The STH-3N1 Tripod holder system is an excellent addition to your 3N1 sling backpack allowing you to carry along a small field tripod for stable shooting. Easy three step installation allows you to quickly take off or install the holder while not inhibiting the quick draw function of the 3N1s.

The tripod holder attaches to the front of your 3N1 Sling Backpack. Two straps attach securely to the zipper stop clips on the carry handle at the top and bottom of your sling backpack. Place your tripod in the pouch of the tripod holder and secure the tripod top with the top adjustable strap and clip.

Caution: Always make sure that your tripod is securely attached with the head strap in order to prevent damage to your tripod or bodily injury.

The system is designed for a small field tripod. Please check the chart below to fit an appropriate tripod.

Head Base Perimeter 29 cm 11.4”
Leg Perimeter 30 cm 11.8”
Height 48 cm 18.9”
Maximum Tripod Weight 2 kg 4.4 lbs

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