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Innovation in the Macro World!

May 29, 2009
Metz Mecablitz 15 MS-1 Digital Macro Flash

Metz Mecablitz 15 MS-1 Digital Macro Flash

The Metz 15 MS-1 digital is a wireless macro flash that includes two individually-controllable and swiveling reflectors. Each of these can be moved through 20 degrees for much more accurate light distribution.

It works by utilizing your camera’s built-in off-camera flash. It’s a universal product, so simply set the flash to your brand of DSLR, and then use your pop-up flash as a master to trigger the macro flash. To stop the built-in flash affecting the lighting on the subject, a neat little IR flash cover clip allows the infrared light through to trigger the 15 MS-1 but blocks the light from the pop-up flash from hitting your subject. For Canon, you do need a Canon Speedlite flash (or a Canon Flash Speedlite Wireless Remote Transmitter ST-E2), as there is no in-camera wireless flash facility to fire the MS-1. The flash can also be used via a sync cable or by slave firing.

The flash takes two AAA batteries and attaches to your lens via an adapter. These are supplied to fit 52, 55 and 58mm filter threads.

With six levels of light output, there is no limit to your ability to be creative with this flash. As with all Metz flashes, the model number is the guide number.

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