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No better time for Spring Cleaning!

May 26, 2009

Most of us take this time of the year to clean out the closet or the garage or that corner of the house that gathers “stuff”. How about cleaning your camera? Do you ever get tired of seeing those blops in your images? It is exceptionally easy to get them out… before the image is on your computer.

Visible Dust has a collection of products designed to keep your images sharp and blop-free.

90% of the time, the blops are from dry dust on your camera’s sensor. The Arctic Butterfly is a quick, simple and SAFE way to get the dust out.

Brite724 Image (2)

Spin the brush to generate an electrostatic charge, lock up your camera’s mirror (done through your camera’s menu system), draw the brush across your sensor, remove the brush and spin off the dirt. That’s it!

Here is a quick video on how it works – just don’t spin the brush right over your open camera as is done here!


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