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Why Photoflex?

May 19, 2009


All of my studio lighting is Photoflex. Why? Here are my top reasons:

  • the colour stays the same – no fading or burning from the hot lights on my softboxes
  • 5-year warranty! need I say more?
  • sides are thick and don’t lose light – the light goes where I want it to
  • different sizes and shapes for exactly the light that  I want
  • recessed front – reduces spill light at the front
  • LiteDiscs have guaranteed flatness – guaranteed! Where I aim the light is where it goes – no wonkiness (yes, that is a technical term)
  • LiteDiscs are double laminated – 25% more reflection!
  • LiteDisc frames are double-ribbed – stronger and won’t break – strong enough to be held in one hand when necessary
  • LiteDisc rims are white – eliminates shadows
  • did I mention the 5-year warranty?
  • Starlite soft, even light – lamps last up to 300 hours – I haven’t had to buy a new bulb yet and I got my first Starlite… about 4 years ago!
  • Starlites are tough – you can bang them around even when they are on and they can take it – very handy is a small, cramped, whoops-inspiring space
  • Starlites stay cool – after 6 hours of shooting, I could grab it and not say a bad word.
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