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Experimenting with Glass

May 15, 2009


by Wendy Rombough

My glass experiments just took on a whole new level of cool for me with the Photoflex Medium LiteRoom!

I am able to shoot, as before utilizing natural light and reflectors with my windows and really control what reflections I am seeing on my glittering subjects.  I can rotate it around on my table to get different angles and light.  I can shoot through the top or any side by rotating the tent, myself, my camera or my tripod.


It’s not that I don’t like reflections, I just want to control them!

In addition to using natural light,  I can set up some studio lights and get creative with those and the LiteRoom – that’s next on my list!

I used my BaLens white balance cap to set my custom white balance – I must get BaLens caps for all the lenses in my kit!  I love these things, they make it so easy to get good white balance in a flash.  I am going to replace all my caps with these babies and I am good to go at a moment’s notice with clear, accurate colour.


Here’s a quick snap with the LiteRoom.  It is dark to show how I am using my window light behind and around and soft diffused light over my subjects, so that the light table does most of the illuminating through the bottom and up through the glass.



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