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New Extra Small Octodome from Photoflex

May 12, 2009

OctoDome nxt: extra small (18” x 9″) [FV-SODXS]

px238The OctoDome nxt: extra small is a versatile soft box designed for use with your shoe mount flashes, strobes such as the Photoflex StarFlash line, or continuous light sources like the Starlite QL and on- or off-camera video lighting systems. This soft box is ideal for small spaces or for going on location when you just want a highly efficient but compact light setup. The OctoDome nxt is made with heavy-duty proprietary heat-resistant Brimstone™ fabric and can be used with lamps up to 500 watts.

Unique Shape
Its unique eight-sided shape and narrow profile 18” diameter by 9” depth (254 cubic inch surface) provides a big 105-degree light spread in a space-saving package. The OctoDome nxt is designed to produce a wider angle of light spread than our traditional soft boxes, resulting in a soft, even, natural wrap-around light that is perfect for traditional photography, videography and new technology such as streaming media and podcast lighting.
Optimum Light Control
The back closure flaps secure snugly around the light source so that there is minimal light spill out the back of the OctoDome. This eliminates unwanted light bouncing around the studio and maximizes the power of your light source coming out of the face.
Removable Face and Baffle
Photoflex introduced soft boxes with removable faces 24 years ago.The Photoflex soft box was designed with a 3″ Velcro entrance allowing the removable face and additional light control accessories such as grids to be attached onto the front of the recess. The removable face was designed to Velcro onto the front of the soft box leaving a 2” Velcro-lined recess. The removable baffle is designed to refract the interior light, resulting in an even smoother, consistent and natural looking light on your subject.

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