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2 NEW items from Stick and Stretch

April 29, 2009

Stick and Stretch becomes even easier to customize your Canvas prints!


With this brand new Joiner you can use various lengths of Stick and Stretch PRO sticks to create a custom gallery wrap.

As you can see, the Joiner allows you to simply and quickly attach two sticks together for the ideal length.

The Joiner is about 9.5″ long and fits in the same channel on the Pro sticks that the corner or cross braces do.  You can simply mitre cut (totally flat) two pieces to achieve the desired total length and use the Joiner to permanently fasten the two pieces together.


By adding the same white glue to the portion that fits in the channel then tapping in the staples afterwards, you get a perfectly flat front with no visible join in your image!

Now any size canvas print can be gallery wrapped, odd or fractional sizes for custom artwork and for the first time, oversize pieces greater than the 60″!

*Please note that the joiner is specifically for the PRO sticks.

Also from Stick and Stretch, new Archival Double-sided Tape. This 20′ replacement roll is the perfect fix if you make an error.Once you remove the mistaken stick from the canvas or paper, it used to be garbage, but not anymore!

With this tape, you can replace the previous adhesive and re-use the stick for your next gallery wrap. Just by adding fresh tape the stick works like new – I won’t tell if you don’t!

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