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Going to the ballgame!

April 18, 2009

So… my question was: can I take my gear?

Here is what the Rogers Centre says:

The Toronto Blue Jays welcome cameras for the purposes of still photography provided their use does not interfere with other guests’ enjoyment. Video cameras are permitted in stadium but taping of any game footage is strictly prohibited. The Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre reserve the right to request that guests discontinue filming or taking pictures on Rogers Centre property.

The short version:I will take my Tamron 18-250 only as it is a small lens that will get me close to the action but is not a big honking lens that will “interfere with other guests’ enjoyment”. I think I will take a teleconverter too! This is another example of where my Kata 3 in 1 will come in handy. I can put it in sling mode, rest it on my lap and rest my elbows on the bag to get stability. Unfortunately, a tripod would interfere with other people’s view of the game.

This would be a perfect opportunity to use the Tamron 18-270 VC lens – the added stability of the Vibration Compensation would let me shoot at a higher ISO. We’ll see what I get with the non-stabilized lens.

Go Jays!

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